The Best fitness trackers in 2020

Many opinions on best activity trackers run on the web. Someone considers them a useless toy, someone sees a panacea for all their troubles with being overweight or feeling unwell. But the truth is somewhere in between, and at least the gadget will not be useless. At least I still continue to use this kind of device. What for? This will be a separate article.

If you have not bought your first fitness bracelet or are considering an upgrade, this customer guide will help you decide on the brand, characteristics and potentially interesting devices to buy.

When choosing a fitness wristband, it is very important not to overpay, but at the same time to choose the most suitable gadget for your needs that meets the standards of reliability and manufacturing quality of modern devices. Therefore, for you, we have reviewed the best fitness wristbands recommended for purchase in 2020. We do not advertise the presented devices, therefore, we objectively consider both the pros and cons of each model. So, what is the best fitness tracker?

Best Choice

Amazfit GTS

Stylish smartwatch and an excellent fitness tracker for all occasions

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How to choose the best USB-C cable and charger for your needs

MacBook with Messed Up USB-C cables

In 2015, Apple released its first gadget, equipped with a new and, surprisingly, the only USB Type-C port. The 12″ MacBook, in which there is only one port, caused discontent among the fans of the company.

Over time, Apple not only very successfully sells a 12-inch line of ultrabooks, but also equipped the USB Type-C MacBook Pro series, completely abandoning the classic USB 2.0/3.0, and any additional ports.

12" Macbook USB-C Port

Almost four years have passed since the MacBook was released, but users still have questions about the operation of the new USB-C port. Especially important is the selection of cables and accessories.

In this article, we will deal with all the nuances of the new standard. I will try to write this article so that after reading it no more questions arise, and everything becomes known about the USB-C ports in the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Read more

Top 10 most indestructible iPhone lightning cables review

Updated October, 2019

The fragility of cables for the iPhone is annoying. Wires are torn even by the neatest owners and sooner or later the question of replacement arises. The cost of original accessories by Apple surprises. Here are the top 11 most indestructible alternatives:

1. Anker PowerLine+ II Cable — one of the most popular charging cables — check the price

The first in the list and the first, according to experts. This is a really cool Lightning cable at an affordable price, which was chosen by over 10 million users. It quickly charges the phone, quickly transfers data. The cable is made of bullet-proof aramid fiber. The stress points on the ends withstand more than 5,000 bends, that is, they are much more durable than similar products.

The colors do not disappoint you: black, red, silver and gold.

2. Auraglance charging iPhone cable/Mcdodo charging cable – Check the price

I am often asked to write about cables of the Auraglance brand and here is what I managed to find out. You could see these cables on the website. The strangest thing they write on the site is that it is a copy of the Spartan cable. I did a research and found a brand called Mcdodo that really makes these cables and they cost just a little more than a copy.
This model can be considered classic and the most popular at the moment. It has many positive reviews. In this case, this is a 2-pack 90-degree lightning cable, which also comes with a bag for an iPhone. Another name for these wires is Titan Smart Cable. The only difference is the blue color of the LED instead of green. If you’re looking for what is considered REAL Titan Smart cable (or Titan Power cable) – check Fuse Chicken cable below.

The cable is 6 feet long, it fits any iPhone or iPad with a lightning connector.

This nylon-braided cord with aluminum casing has tested for 5000+ bends. 90-degree design is very comfortable for gaming. Green LED has two modes – bright mode and less bright night mode. Also, Mcdodo offers free replacement send out in 24H or full refund within 12 months, which is very promising.

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XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Scooters Review

Updated march, 2020

Almost everyone has probably seen on the streets of their city electro scooters from various rental companies. They look good and do a good job with their main task – solving the last mile problem.
We have already written a review of such a scooter, which upset us at a high price. Today we have two scooters of the same brand on the review, the price of which pleasantly surprises.

 Xprit Folding Electric Kick Scooter - 6.5" WheelXPRIT 8" Electric Scooter with Shock Absorbers
6.5 inch electrick kick scooter8 inch folding electric kick
Top Speed:12.4 mph13.6 mph
Range:8-13 mi10-13.6 mi
Display:Battery indicatorBattery indicator
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Airwheel Z5 review: foldable electric scooter for adults

Last fall, we discussed the Airwheel R3+ bike. Now, we continue talking over two-wheel electric transport and there’s the time for the Airwheel Z5 scooter. In addition, we introduce Airwheel C5 smart helmet and an application to control it.

Airwheel Z5 Tech specs
Major MaterialsMagnesium Alloy+Aluminium Alloy
Look&StyleMatte silver+Black+Orange
Suitable Height1.5m~2.1m
Platform Height140mm
Max.Climbing AngleAbout 15°(Riders weighing 60kg get up to 18°)
Max.SpeedAbout 20km/h
Battery Capacity162.8Wh
Working Temperature-10°C~40°C
best at 20~30°C
Charge Time162.8Wh:about 120 min
Charge VoltageAC100-240V 50-60Hz

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Best USB-C Hubs and adapters for Macbook Pro, Air review

Updated September 2019

With the release of a new generation of MacBooks, a serious problem has emerged. You do not need to be an expert to anticipate the emergence of a huge number of accessories for the new MacBook. And since its main disadvantage is the lack of ports – it’s easily fixed by USB-C hubs, we chose the top eight of them.

1. Satechi Aluminum Type-C Pro Hub Adapter – check the price

This is a PRO version of the previous hub and difference is noticeable – it has more various ports and connects directly to MacBook without any wires!

There are only three colors: Silver, Space Grey, and Rose Gold. This product is All-in-one, it helps to work with data, video, SD and microSD cards, charges your devices, it basically fixes all Apple mistakes 🙂


  • Thunderbolt 3 – up to 5k or 2x4k @ 60Hz video, up to 40Gb/s data speed
  • 4k HDMI video output – 1080p @ 60 Hz up to 4k @ 30Hz
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports
  • USB-C port
  • SD/Micro card reader

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